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NC General Assembly in session, having convened January 14, 2015.

Legislative Links

McClees Consulting offers the following services to its clients:

  Lobby in the NC General Assembly and other state legislatures.
  Lobby in the US Congress in Washington, DC.
  Monitor legislation in any state or territory.
  Select and manage lobbyists for multi-state legislative agendas.
   Lobby in the NC General Assembly on the County's issues.
   Lobby in the US Congress in Washington, DC on the County's issues.
   Monitor rule changes potentially impacting the County.
   Formulate strategies for local challenges re funding and other issues.
   Advise County on regulatory and legislative issues.
Business Consulting
  Formulate strategies for new or existing businesses.
  Advise client on regulatory and legislative issues.
  Network with industry professionals and regulators.
  Create team of legal and other professionals tailored to meet the needs of the client.
Trade Organizations
  Organize new trade groups.
  Administer existing professional associations.
  Negotiate with regulators and governmental entities for members.
  Provide annual educational seminars and informational services.



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