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NC General Assembly in session, having convened January 14, 2015.

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Joe McClees is president and founder of McClees Consulting, Inc.
He provides lobbying and consulting services to clients in North Carolina, other southern states, and in Washington, D.C.

Named among North Carolina's most effective lobbyists, Joe McClees is no stranger to controversial issues. Joe has lobbied in the NC General Assembly for more than twenty years on Second Amendment gun and hunting issues as well as business and regulatory issues for companies, counties, and trade associations.

Born and raised on a farm in Oriental, Joe was involved in politics from his youth.  In 1972, Joe McClees worked in his first statewide political race when his friend Jim Hunt ran for Lieutenant Governor. As one of Hunt's "key" supporters, Joe McClees applied his Atlantic Christian College political science degree to real life politics.

Joe McClees soon became employed by the State of NC in various positions, including Coastal Ambassador, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Natural Resources & Community Development, and Economic Development Officer for the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries. The positions of Coastal Ambassador and Special Assistant to the Secretary included the handling of politically sensitive projects for the Secretary.

As Economic Development Officer in the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, Joe undertook & completed the first economic survey of the commercial fishing industry in NC and created an economic development shop within the Division to promote the NC commercial seafood industry.

Joe McClees became Executive Director of the NC Fisheries Association in 1986, and soon expanded his consulting and lobbying practice to accept other clients.

Since 1987, McClees Consulting has provided services in lobbying, business consulting, and economic development to an increasingly wide range of clients.  Joe McClees has literally traveled around the world for his clients.

McClees Consulting clients now include companies, counties, corporations, business and professional associations, trade groups, and individuals.

Joe McClees has developed a network of lobbyists in all states & US territories, and assists his clients by providing lobbying services and business consulting services wherever needs arise. 

Contact Joe McClees
E-mail: jdm@mccleesconsulting.com

Office 252/249-1097
Fax 252/249-3275


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