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NC General Assembly in session, having convened January 14, 2015.

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About McClees Consulting

  About Joseph Daniels McClees
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Joe McClees has his finger on the pulse of government, and offers this knowledge to his clients through McClees Consulting, Inc.

Acknowledged in the press as one of the "biggest names in the business," Joe McClees has worked in political campaigns, state government, and lobbying for more than thirty years.

McClees Consulting offers lobbying, business consulting, and trade group services.

Joe McClees and his attorney wife, Henri McClees, ensure McClees Consulting clients have a full time presence in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Joe McClees is a regular on Capital Hill, with a network of friends and allies in the US Congress.

Enthusiastic and ready to travel, Joe McClees lobbies in numerous other state legislatures and in the Pacific Rim. He has traveled to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim dozens of times in the last decade.

For businesses, Joe McClees shepherds new products through regulatory approval processes necessary for innovative technologies.

Trade groups trust McClees Consulting to protect the business interests of their members.

Joe McClees is well known for creative problem solving. New coalitions of business interests, networks of allies, and bold legislative strategies are all part of the day's work for McClees Consulting.

Whether the issues are controversial tobacco tax or Second Amendment legislation or regulatory challenges for wastewater treatment technologies, Joe McClees supplies high energy and aggressive advocacy.


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