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NC General Assembly in session, having convened January 14, 2015.

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Joe McClees, President of McClees Consulting, provides lobbying and business consulting services in the US Congress and state legislatures. A native North Carolinian, Joe McClees is equally at ease in the legislatures of the southern states, the halls of the US Congress, and the Pacific Rim.

Successful business development always includes political components.  Joe McClees provides his clients with intimate knowledge of politics and understanding of governmental affairs.


A new leadership has made the 2013 NC General Assembly an exciting place to work.  Legislative victories protected the rights of small businesses, including portable sanitation businesses in North Carolina.  Hunters worked with landowners to craft a bill entitled "Landowners Protection Act" to protect landowners and hunters.

Legislative victories made 2009 through 2012 won protections for small businesses in North Carolina.  Damage control agents, pumpers, portable sanitation specialists, and dog breeders all benefited from the hard work & lobbying expertise of Joe McClees.

HISTORICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT:  For the first time ever, a veto by the Governor of North Carolina was overriden. McClees Consulting had the tenacity to fight 219 years of history-- and prevailed.

With Joe McClees fighting the machinery of the Governor of North Carolina and the State Highway Patrol, Gov. Mike Easley's veto was overridden on August 27, 2008.

With more than 30 years involvement in government and politics, Joe McClees is accustomed to controversy. Joe McClees has spearheaded legislative changes in a wide array of issues. He brings a creative approach to protecting the interests of his clients.

Joe McClees has a powerful ally in his attorney wife, Henri McClees. They work together to advance the legislative agendas of their clients.

Trade Groups & Associations
Trade groups protect the business interests of their members. Associations allow small businesses with common interests to work together for their mutual benefit.  McClees Consulting provides administrative, lobbying, and consulting services to trade groups.

Joe McClees formed all of the significant trade groups in the wastewater treatment industry in North Carolina, including the NC Septic Tank Association, the NC Pumper Group, and the NC Portable Toilet Group.

Joe McClees knows the power of individual people uniting to protect their rights. He has helped workers raise their professional status. He won professional certification for industrial hygienists and safety engineers.

Advocacy at McClees Consulting extends to Joe's life long love of hunting and Henri's passion for the Second Amendment. They currently represent Second Amendment, hunting, and sporting interests including the NC Firearms Dealers Group and the NC Sporting Dog Association, Inc.  They have won many battles for the National Rifle Association (NRA-ILA) and its North Carolina affiliate, the NC Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc.



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